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Guest reviews
Guest reviews
Our mission is to improve the quality of people life, return them the joy of healthy life!
Thousands of patients completed courses of fasting and dietary therapy, improved their health and quality of life and became ardent supporters of fasting and dietary therapy.
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"At least I had minus 10 kg, pure consciousness, clean organism, caring staff. A magnificent masseur from God is Leonid. Very competent nurse Catherine. Delicious food at the exit. Wonderful nature»
Ekaterina, 10/04/2018
"This is a magical place to restart! I went for a healthy body, and I got a lot more! Thanks to the comfort, fresh air, procedures, a huge amount of sleep-you get the rest, which can be called the full rest. I'm going to come back home as a completely different person:) I would like to say a great thanks to all the staff-without you it would be impossible. Julia - every day a smile, willingness to help with any question and kindness in her eyes. Catherine - care, speed and clarity of actions. Eugenia - sincerity and answers to all-all questions on the topic. Grigoriy - humor, accuracy и Interesting excursions on medicine. Ksenia - confidence and calmness that "everything goes according to plan":) I realized that I would definitely return to this place again and did not regret that I met my birthday in these walls. Thanks to Natalia for interesting excursions and walks, I learned a lot of interesting things about Altai, and Galina for having approved the belief in myself and my opportunities:) All the blessings! You give people happiness and do good deals. With love. »
Daria Postolnik, 10/04/2018
"I express great gratitude to the staff of" Ulutay "for cozy atmosphere, attentiveness, responsiveness, professionalism. I wish you prosperity! And lots and lots of guests! Thank you for the hospitality, I loved it, I will definitely be back to you again! »
Anastasia, 10/04/2018
"Dear friends! Thank you so much!!! For support, for high professionalism, for your inner and outer beauty, for optimism. It is so nice near you, just to chat. I will never forget the home friendly atmosphere in "Ulutay" and will definitely be back again. »
Julia, 10/04/2018
My sincere, heartfelt gratitude to the whole staff of Ulutay ". Thank you very much to the whole team for a good attitude to me, for care, for sensitivity. I wish you health, success and keep it up! »
N. Fominykh, Kazakhstan, 10/04/2018
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